Host and Anchor PAR EXCELLENCE:

During a live stage show, what that one feature that keeps the audience enthralled through-out the performance? It is the Anchor’s hosting skills.

When it comes to great stage presence, there is one reliable name that stands out as an impeccable host, anchor, performer and a presenter – Sana Shaikh.

With flair for the funny and philosophical, her fluency of words simply makes any presentation a flowing experience keeping her audiences totally engaged.

Sana is a name to reckon with when it comes to hosting any big ticket corporate, cultural and family events, conferences, charity and fund raising shows, in India or any exotic destination abroad.

It is her friendly, warm, caring nature that really shines through immediately making that eternal connection with her guests. The best thing about Sana is that she is so natural, disarming on the stage that she is not just amazing, she simply rocks!

Even with the participants, she is mesmerizing in her communications. She makes them feel special making her them, her guests and others feel special too.

Alluring personality, a vivacious girl with smooth, silky voice, and the body language that communicates and connects with her audience, Sana Shaikh is an all rounder. What’s more, Sana is a wonderful person with sterling qualities which add to her appeal helping to foster long term bonds with her clients.